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Learn to Speak with a General American Accent!

Kate DeVore, a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, has designed a training tool for anyone wishing to speak with a Neutral American Accent.

Who is this manual for?

There are three main categories of people who would benefit from this material:

1.  Non-native English speakers.  If English is not your first language, this manual will help you learn to pronounce American speech so your accent is not a communication problem.

2.  Americans with regional dialects.  If you are from the U.S. and have a regional dialect, this material will help you learn to speak with a Neutral American accent.

3.  American professionals interested in improving their speech.  If you want to speak more clearly in presentations, or articulate better in meetings, this manual will help you sharpen your diction.  Actors, lawyers, public speakers and anyone who wants to speak as well as possible will benefit from this material.

What is it?

This material is designed to teach pronunciation of spoken American English.  It is not training in the English language itself. It assumes that you are fluent in English and does not train grammar; the manual trains a Neutral American accent.

Every sound of English is explained in detail, and audio tracks provide models of the sounds in words and sentences.  Additional audio tracks cover intonation (stress), naturalness and flow, nasality, and tricky pronunciation rules.

This manual is designed for both Accent Modification and speech improvement.  If you have a foreign accent or regional American dialect, this manual is for you.  If you are an English speaker who simply wants to speak with more clarity, precision and presence, this manual is for you.

This download contains:

  1. a 94-page manual (view the table of contents);
  2. 166 minutes of audio recordings that accompany the manual;
  3. a discount on personalized coaching with Kate DeVore.

These downloads are copyright protected. By clicking the "Buy Now with Paypal" link, you are paying for a license to privately use this product. This does not entitle you to copy or share the written or audio materials with anyone else. If you are interested in purchasing multiple licenses for this product, such as for use with a number of students, please contact the site administrator for information on discounts for purchasing multiple licenses. Violations of this copyright make it harder for the coaches to keep these downloads affordable, and such violations will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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